blue sky

Rails 5 Demonstration Website

You have arrived in the land of happy people, great companies and employment for everyone who wants it. The weather forecast is blue skies, 72 and breezy and the world is at peace.

Well maybe not quite so happy ... I've decided to remove public login to this site while the GDPR dust settles.

Btw, if you came here looking for cynical, sarcastic commentary on how fake the world is - you're in the wrong place. You could search Twitter for #fakeworld (yikes!), or better yet, YouTube for funny cat videos to lift your mood.

This demonstration website is a Rails 5 application built for trying things out. Quick and simple examples are a good starting point for playing with something new. But then you think - would this actually work in a full-size project? Can it handle more than a handful of records? What if the data isn't all in one table? How much refactoring is it going to require? And on and on. The real world isn't always so neat and tidy so I built myself a world with more complexity for a hopefully more realistic sandbox.

NOTE: While the site and it's features are real - the data is not. The database and indexes have been populated with fake data for demonstration purposes only. If there is an issue with a company or person being too close to reality or data that is in some way offensive, please get in touch.